Hino Ranger Hybrid

The Hino Ranger Hybrid is a medium to heavy duty cab-over truck manufactured by Hino Motors.
The Ranger Hybrid came in an F-Series Truck with some models such as FC, FD, FE, FF, FG, FL, and FM. These models payload was arranged through alphabets. Hino Ranger’s 4WD models are FT and GT. Ranger is available only as medium or heavy truck in some countries. Later, Its FA and FB models were replaced by Hino Dutro.
Hino is always winning the under 10,000 cc class from 17 years.
Hino has world’s first hybrid diesel-electric system and a great history of producing diesel hybrid trucks. Hino Ranger Diesel Hybrid has added one more Hybrid in Hino’s hybrid truck line-up. The Hino Ranger Hybrid truck 20% better fuel efficient than other conventional diesel models and it reduces low CO2emissions by approximately 17%.
The Hino Hybrid system has an inline 4-cylinder, 4.7-liter diesel (132 kW and Hp of 177) with a 23 kW (31 hp) electric motor/generator. It has a 274V Nickel-Hydrogen battery. This hybrid features regenerative braking to recharge the battery and stop-start functionality. The electric motor assists the engine whenever high torque is needed, such as during startup and acceleration.
Hino’s first generation hybrid truck was launched in 1993. Hino Ranger Hybrid (2003) and Dutro Hybrid (2004) is the fourth-generation of Hino hybrid system for commercial trucks.
Hino’s has clean diesel system which is supported by common-rail fuel injection system, variable nozzle turbocharger, a cool EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and a post-processing unit DPR (Diesel Particulate active Reduction) cleaner.
Model Hino E13CVG
Engine RPM @ 100km/h 1750
Max engine speed 1900rpm
Transmission RTLO 18918B
Front suspension Type Semi-elliptic tapered leaf springs
Piston displacement 12 913L
Power 353kW @ 1800 RPM
Torque 2157Nm @ 1100 RPM
Bore & stroke 137 x 146mm
Compression ratio 17 0:1
Gear ratio 24 1 - 23 8 – 1
Batteries 12V x 2 series connection
Wheelbase (WB) 5030
Overall height (OH) 3040
Wheel type 10 stud disc wheels (ISO 335 PCD)
Seating capacity 3