How to import used heavy equipment from Japan

Japanese Heavy Equipments are just beyond compare. They are made for complete perfection, using high technology for easy operation, strong for high safety and durability. Equipments are fuel efficient and work without fail for years together. Most countries allow the import of Japanese used heavy equipments because they are high-tech and long-lived and useful for construction industry.
Buyers have a wide selection from popular Japanese makers that are specialists like Komatsu, Caterpillar, Hitachi, Kobelco, Sumitomo. Equipment for various construction purposes and sizes are made to increase usability and convenience and ease to people using them.
Thousands of used heavy equipments like Small or medium sized excavators, forklifts, mining excavators, dump trucks, wheeled loaders, crawler cranes, specialized Construction, Agricultural Tool, equipments and attachments, and many more are exported from Japan to many countries. These equipments are in very good condition and priced very low.
Easy steps for buying used equipments from Japan

1. Firstly choose a reliable exporter:

Buyers need to select most reliable exporter from hundreds of used heavy equipment exporters. One who specializes in used heavy equipments. Who is well established, registered and is member of associations, chamber of commerce or any auction hall. Who is experienced and handle the job very well.

2. Search for equipments:

Buyers can take access from the exporter or agent and view the equipment stock for upcoming auctions or search equipment by type, make, and location. If required equipment is not in stock inform the exporter about your need and they will find suitable once for you.

3. Review Inspection Reports:

Many heavy equipment sold through auctions go through a rigorous inspection process. Report includes working capability of the equipment, remaining useful life, complete description of the goods, and Market value for customs purposes, photographic coverage, amongst others, which clearly define the good before the tax authorities. This report guarantees that the equipment is as good as mentioned. Even if the equipment is not from auction your exporter can get the inspection if required for import in your country. Reconfirm from exporter about the condition.

4. Bid:

Before auction buyer can inform the exporter about maximum amount they are ready to bid for particular heavy equipment. They will try their best to get you lower than your requested bid amount.

5. Pay:

Once the auction is over and if your bid is successful your agent guide you to make payment and they do all the processing with the auction house on your behalf.

6. Finance:

In case you need to get the equipment financed, you have to contact your country's financial institute in advance.

7. Transportation:

Exporter will inform you the various transportation companies operating and arrange the shipping process for you.

8. Accept delivery:

Once payment into the exporter’s account is confirmed the equipment is handed over to selected transportation company for shipment. After delivery you can inform to exporter if any thing missing or damage or not as per order or specifications.
Most of the time you get what you have been informed because rules are strict and business people in Japan are honest and believe in long term relations.

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Yoshiharu Warashina is CEO of Fujiyama Trading Co. Ltd., Japan Used Heavy Equipment Exporter.
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