Role of Blue & Green Permit to import used vehicles in Sri Lanka

There are certain restrictions imposed on used car imports in Sri Lanka with a view to avoid undesirable imports in to the country causing bad impacts to public, Environment, Economy and Security of the country. The controller of Import and Export issues a permit to people who are eligible to import. There are two main Permit under which import of used vehicles is permitted:
1. Blue Permit       2. Green Permit
Let’s know about the two in detail..

Blue Permit :

Allows a person who is employed in a foreign country, to gift his/her mother /father, brother/sister, wife/husband and children who are living in Sri Lanka.
1. Type of a vehicle allowed to be imported Car, Jeep, Vans or Cabs which are not older than 5 years.

License Fee :

A license fee of 15% of CIF value of the vehicle should be paid to the Department.

Green Permit :

Documents required while applying for Green Permit

License Fee :
The license fee is charged according to the age of the vehicle to be imported: Vehicle Age (Years) License Fee (On CIF Value)
3 1/2 03%
5-7 05%
7-8 07%
8-9 09%
9-10 12%
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Author resources:

Yoshiharu Warashina is CEO of Fujiyama Trading Co. Ltd., Japan Used Car Exporter.
Sri Lanka is one of the leading importers of used Japanese cars and government allows imports under different permits.
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